Friday, 18 January 2013

Good days

I've had a lovely week :) On Saturday, despite feeling like absolute rubbish still, I went to see Les Mis with Amy and some friends. It was so wonderful. Moving and beautiful. I was shocked at the bits I'd forgotten (nothing major plot-wise) though. I thought all the actors did an incredible job, to my untrained eye ;) I'm not going to list them all, but Samantha Barks as Eponine was just amazing, A Little Fall of Rain was heart rending. 

As we came out someone behind us quietly said to his companions "I didn't know it was a musical." We stifled our giggles.

Sam did this:
And kissed and cuddled the baby for several minutes, which in Sam time must be about a decade.

He also asked that we make a snowman, and insisted he have a carrot nose.
 He was only little so it had to be a carrot-stick nose. He's checked on him everyday at least once (we put him on the bin so he could be seen from the window) and says hello to him. And his eyes. And his buttons. And his carrot nose.

 I drew a moustache on my face for a friend.
 Never let it be said that I don't give you anything, my dear (though I suspect near non-existent) readers.

And the pièce de résistance...

 Say hello to my little friend!

I had my 20 week scan today which I had to wait an extra 45 minutes for, with a full bladder. Thanks for that one, hospital. When I went in the sonographer apologised as there were staffing issues and people turning up late/not at all. I was not happy but did the completely British thing of saying "oh no, it's alright." Why do we do that?! I was cheesed off! I think I just got so grateful for an apology, and to be laying down, that I just went with it. She then also told me that the baby's head was plowing right into my bladder, so even though it wasn't very full (I cheat a bit on the amount of water they tell you to drink and when - thank goodness in this case)  that's what caused it. Yes madam sonographer, I'm sure the 45 minute wait had nothing to do with it.

So.. we are cooking up a little boy! Ethan is ecstatic, He was rooting for a boy, who he decided would be called Rudolph. Sam is fairly uninterested, but we're attempting to convey that an actual little brother will be materialising at some point in June. I can imagine it will still be a surprise. Rich had to stay out with the boys until the checks were completed, but as he came in apparently got a nice crotch shot and saw that it was a boy before I had been told :)
The little sausage has really begun kicking in earnest now, which is lovely and reassuring, though no fun for my bladder! 

Only 20 weeks to go, hopefully it'll go as fast as the first 20 have!

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Friday, 11 January 2013

Exciting times!

So, how about two posts in one day?

I wasn't planning on it, but then something lovely happened. In the midst of feeling so terrible and like my head is stuffed to bursting with cotton wool, I decided to go to bed. Thought I'd give my bump a little poke and what do you know, it poked right back :) I've been feeling sort of flutters for a couple of weeks but I wasn't even sure it was the baby! I have felt a couple of thumps against the doppler when listening in, I don't think the baby likes it much, but I felt it to tonight, from the outside, with my hand! And then Rich felt it too, and now it's having a lovely wriggle which is very nice and reassuring. Nothing else to say my dears, but it felt a bit momentous at this end. Night night!

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Poor Neglected Blog!

I'm sorry. I've abandoned you, cold and alone in the vastness of the internet. It's not that I don't love you little blog. It's not you, it's me. No really. To be perfectly honest there's not been much of interest to write about, I've been feeling rubbish with the baby on board, and this week I've had a wicked cold/cough/blocked sinuses combo, which under normal circumstances I'd just take something for it and carry on. Unfortunately there's almost nothing you can take in pregnancy.

I am incredibly blessed however, to have a brilliant husband, and good timing meant that yesterday when I was feeling really terrible, was a Thursday, which meant he was working at home. Rich always does the school run on a Thursday, so I was spared that, and he also sent me to bed for an hour and a half in the afternoon after I was dozing on the couch and started talking in my sleep! The boys were brilliantly behaved for him too, as usually he has to work upstairs away from us, or we go out, as it's just too much noise otherwise. I'm also incredibly happy and grateful to be pregnant, even when I feel so awful.

I really don't have a lot of news at the moment, hence the neglect ;) So I'll just leave you with a picture of my lovely boys on Christmas Eve, the gorgeous little sausages.

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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Merry Christmas, Happy new year, and some news!

We had a lovely Christmas and new year this year, we got to see my family for Christmas, and have a brilliant Christmas day with them and we saw Rich's family in between Christmas and new year and let off some fireworks.

Christmas was spent down in Reading, with a brilliant day of presents, food, laughter and family. I love Christmas at my mum and dad's, they love it, and the tree is always full of decorations from my childhood. We always sit fairly reservedly and my dad hands out the presents. This year Ethan got to sit with him and help and he loved it :)

Fireworks at Rich's parents was great fun too, especially when one malfunctioned! It sounds scary and it did make us all jump, but all that really happened was instead of a fountain style firework, we got more of a flashbang effect! The most entertaining part was just afterwards. Everyone jumped, but Carl (very much a grown up brother in law) squealed like a girl. Or maybe a pig. We were laughing our heads off! He's a great sport though and laughed along with us :)

New Year's eve itself we spent.... in bed. We are not new year's people. I don't really get it, it's just another night to us, and with boys who get up at 5/5:30 am, NOT worth it! I value my sleep too much to be cool ;) If I had a party to go to or something, then I'd enjoy it, but unfortunately the morning comes around all too fast!

Now for the news...


That's right, we're having another baby! There are sneaky posts from the past that just appeared herehere and here muahaha! I'm 17 and a half weeks, so almost halfway! In 2 and a bit weeks I'll be having my second scan, and hopefully it'll look a bit less like a potato this time. We are so excited. I am also exhausted, still sometimes slightly nauseous and suffering from an insane sense of smell. That is not fun. 

Oh, and our holiday, which I never came back and commented on, really was great. Except for the part where I crashed the car at low speed into a wooden post and destroyed the bumper. Oops. But for a first accident, not too awful. It's currently in with the insurers getting fixed, which was cheaper than getting it done ourselves, even with a small premium rise. However, our courtesy car is a Skoda Fabia. A fine car, even for our family of four. Except we had a Mazda 5. And we had to do the Christmas trip in it (200 miles each way, with presents!). I was a little nervous! It actually worked out alright, with a bit of tetris know-how and putting smaller presents in the space where the spare wheel should have been, as the car came with a repair kit instead! Hopefully we'll be back with our bus soon and I'll adjust back to the size of it without knocking anything else!....Don't tell Rich I said that... 

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