Friday, 17 May 2013

37 weeks, more nesting, and potty training.

 These are last weeks pictures, so technically 36 weeks, but let's not split hairs. Any pictures taken this week would have been in my mismatched pyjamas, so you're welcome ;) Also no matter how many times I say there's no need to have my head in the picture, there's atleast one chin too many there!
 I added this one too because it makes my legs look longer and a lot less tree-trunky! 

Last week we happened upon a free face painting stall in town, and Ethan chose the superman design. I was a little unimpressed by the woman doing it, she seemed a bit grumpy, but she had already been there for 2 and a half hours, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt, seeing as it was free and all.
 This week the facepainter was in town again and Ethan chose spiderman. She seemed a bit less grumpy this time, which was nice ;) It was extremely helpful too that many of her designs left the mouth clear, as we went off to get lunch after, and it stopped him getting upset at his smudged face.

More nesting has occurred. If this continues post baby (highly doubtful) I'll have to drop the 'Un' from my blog title! This time it was completely illogical too. I've been ironing muslins and burp cloths. Things that are actually DESIGNED to be thrown up on. I spent far too long standing at the ironing board and it made my back hurt, but they looked so nice and neat!
It won't last, they'll end up shoved in the nappy bag (I've got the free Pampers one as a temporary measure as I can't find one that I like and is not ridiculously priced) wrinkled and not even folded, to be grabbed out for feeding and absorbing of baby sick. ah, the fun bits to look forward to!

I also have some plans to shift a few bits in the bedroom today, including a couple of small dumbbells. Those will be rolled as I have previous experience with them a while ago. Rich left them in the storage box in the living room without my knowledge, and I went to move it so the boys had more room to play. It did not move. My shoulder hurt for a LONG time!

Sam is potty training. It was foolish to start now, but he got a bit of a chance to try on holiday and did really well, so we thought we'd continue. The difficulty is that we don't really have time to stay in the house for a week and really crack it, as Ethan has to still go to school and stuff! He's doing ok, and is almost 100%, if he's bare from the waist down. Add pants, and it drops to maybe 75%. Add trousers and it drops drastically. One day.

Almost no one wants to see pictures of potty training in progress (those of you who actively do, this is not the place for you, sorry. Only I'm not sorry.) so I'll show you this one of him:
There's the (clean I assure you) potty, so it's relevant. The fact that he looks like Gollum with his donut is not.

3 Weeks to go til D-Day. Baby boy is now considered full term, and I am getting nervous. I spent 2 hours awake last night between 2:30 and 4:30 after a particularly horrible dream where Sam fell out of the boys' bedroom window (he was caught by a friend luckily, and it was you know, a dream). I then worried about all sorts. The biggest worry is that I won't get to the hospital in time. They get more irrational after that, ending in me being stuck at home in labour while Rich is stuck in traffic trying to get home from work with only Ethan and Sam for company. Ridiculous as I've got a vast network of people to take them at the very least, so worst case scenario I'll be birthing at home alone, but with no little observers at least ;)

In seriousness though I did have a little worry about Rich missing it. Probably because the last thing I read before bed was a comment on facebook by my lovely friend Catherine, who said that her third was 1 hour 45 minutes from first pain to first cuddle. The boys were fairly quick, Ethan was less that 10 hours from first inkling to birth, which I'm told is quick for a first baby. Sam was about 4 and a half hours. If I'm going with that kind of pattern, this one will be a couple of hours. I'm going to put my scientist head on though and say that there isn't enough data to show any kind of pattern or correlation, so it'll be fine. I'm also going to put my fingers in my ears and say "lalalala" just for good measure.

 One final distraction then:
I've not done a video before so I hope it works :)

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bank Holiday, and an update on me

Bank holiday Monday was a hit! We used a surprise treat as an incentive for good behaviour for Ethan as he's been a bit of a snot recently, and it worked! The surprise was a trip to the Royal Armouries in Leeds for Superhero Day. He loved it, and got to meet lots of characters. He also got to shoot a crossbow, a real one this time, and thought that was the best.

With Boba Fett

A star wars Trooper

A Jedi


They also had a craft activity, a musical instrument area, an artist from the Judge Dredd comic book doing a talk and helping kids draw heroes, and a talk about superhero weapons. The downside of the day was that they didn't put any kind of timetable on the website, so we assumed that the characters (including Ethan's favourite, Batman) would be in and out most of the day. We went fairly early to avoid crowds, and as a result missed Batman, as he wasn't coming until 3:30 for a demonstration of how he uses ninja skills. We also missed the talk about superhero weapons, because we spent half an hour wandering around the third floor trying to find the 'Observation room' which turned out to be a tiny room tucked away in a corner, that wasn't very well signposted. We arrived just as they were packing up and rushing off to the next thing, which was a real shame (for me!) as I saw the weapons on the trolley as they pushed it out, and they included the Portal gun :( Never mind.

Ethan and Rich spent the afternoon clearing the garden and washing the car in the sunshine. It was lovely to watch Ethan muck in and help Daddy. Sam attempted to help too, with mixed results.

Rich also managed to cut through the power cord with the hedge trimmers...twice. I managed to fix it both times, the benefits of having a dad who taught me handy stuff! 

We had good weather on Tuesday too, and Ethan was very excited to wear shorts to school :)
Look at those milky legs! inherited from his mother, unfortunately. He did however also inherit his father's ability to go brown at the slightest hint of sun, whereas I either burn, or in the case of my legs, just somehow magically stay whiter than paper.

Today is a bit grey and damp, but he insisted on shorts again. Even though he also insisted on taking his coat because it might rain.

I've been very productive this morning, demolished 2 side tables and an old tv stand and took them to the dump, hooray for a bit more space! I can now put the crib next to my side of the bed which is you know, helpful. Isn't the dump cathartic? You get to chuck stuff into massive skips and hear crashes and things breaking and all sorts, and clear your house at the same time!

Less than a month to go til due date, a month yesterday to be precise. I literally cannot wait. I might have overdone it a little at the dump, as I am very very tired right now, and it's only lunchtime :S

I had a fun pregnancy dream the other night too. I went into labour at home and ran out of time. My sister Becky delivered it (super likely, seeing as she's only in New Zealand!) and though it was totally painless, the baby had an extra head. It was slightly miniature, but a head it was. Only when I looked again it was a weird hand thing on it's shoulder. Then when I looked again it was gone, but the baby's hand (in the regular place) was all webbed. My mum appeared and said "Oh don't worry, it's too much cortizone" and wiped his hand with a wipe til the fingers were fine. Then I woke up. Like I said, fun, and not at all creepy :S

Update: I was even more productive this afternoon. I hoovered upstairs, moved the crib, and emptied it of clothes. Then I emptied out and tidied the airing cupboard. The airing cupboard for goodness sake! Then I had two bags of clothes and towels and linens that were spare (we had LOADS in there, it was like a flippin' TARDIS) to take to the clothing donation bin thingy. I also found in there a bag of handed down clothes for Ethan that we got aaaaages ago but were massive, and now he has plenty of shorts for summer! I am now thoroughly pooped, and Sam is going to have french toast for tea (Ethan is at a friends house) then we'll start the pick up run (Ethan, and Rich from the train station) showers for the boys as it'll be late for a bath, bed for them, and a collapse on the couch for me!

I didn't do nesting with the boys. It's hit me this time though. It's oddly unsettling! Still, it can only be a good thing when I actively feel the need to tidy! 

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Friday, 3 May 2013

35 weeks

Some progress on last week. We have the crib, put together and everything, all ready for baby, kindly brought back oop north for us by my sister Amy. We ordered the bargainous car seat, with almost £70 off! It arrived on Wednesday and I love it, very cute and nice and light. We ordered it from kiddicare on Monday at 4ish and it was here around 8am Wednesday, so really not bad service at all. It was free delivery over £30, so Rich ordered nappies to make it up as with the big discount it was only £22.50!

We also had a practise run putting it in the car (Rich's idea, in my opinion once you've managed to fit one car seat they're pretty much the same) and it's now waiting it the boot of the car.

 The box provided much entertainment for the boys who played rockets to the moon with it all day on Wednesday, then on Thursday Daddy tasked them with smushing it for recycling, so naturally they loved that, it now has several holes in it where they took to poking pencils through it when drawing on it became boring.

This morning the new mattress for the crib arrived, another bargain, this time from eBay with a new in package mattress in the right size for only £10. The mattress with the family crib didn't have holes or anything, but I caught a glimpse of the tag and it is 17 years old, obviously bought new for my oldest nephew! So I had a look online and thought for £10 it was worth getting a new one.

Of course, when it arrived I was in the shower and had literally just foamed up the shampoo when knock knock! Cue panic. I got shampoo in my eye, so while squinting grabbed a towel and rushed to the top of the stairs, where I realised I had grabbed a smallish towel. Ordinarily, that would be awkward but not offensive, but seeing as I now resemble the shape and size of a blimp, it was NOT good. Luckily Ethan came to the rescue and opened the door while I stood out of view but in earshot. The postman seemed a little taken aback (though not nearly as much as if I'd opened the door) and asked him to give it to his Mummy. Hideous viewing of almost nudity averted.

Yesterday, being Thursday, Rich was working at home, and we also had to go to the bank at lunch time, so we nipped into Sainsbury's for a few essentials and found these:

 So cute! And on offer. Finally, FINALLY, the shops are bringing out  a bit of colour in the baby clothes! I guess because it's going to be summer they think it's ok now. I'll even forgive them for not having front or back poppers and thus meaning they;ll have to be put on like a t-shirt, which is sooo easy with a newborn ;) I also spotted a cute set in Morrison's while shopping which had little elephants on, but I didn't get them because if I bought all the cute things I see we'd be bankrupt by ooh, 5 minutes ago.

35 weeks. My app says that means 35 days to go. Obviously this is tosh, and it'll probably be more like 42-49 days, as I went over with the boys. Still, at most, 7 weeks to go! Exciting!

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