Monday, 27 February 2012

Books are the bomb

I love to read. Love love love. I will read almost anything, and going to book shops is bittersweet. I love having books of my own, but funds and space (or rather the lack thereof) dictate that I must not buy. I recently downloaded the Kindle app for my phone, and later when we got an iPad, there too, so I can check out free and cheap books on there.

I'll be honest, I don't love it. I much prefer a real book, pages, bookmarks, the ease of flipping back several chapters or even just a few pages. I'm sticking with it though. I am currently reading this:

Picture from Amazon

It's a little bit hard going, and I'm blaming a lot of that on the kindle app - on the iPad it's back lit which is probably a little harsh on my eyes when I subject them to hours of it. I'd do much better with a hard copy. However, I am still at the beginning, Jean Valjean has barely made his appearance, for goodness sake. I'm sure that now it will get better.

Not half an hour ago, Ethan presented me with this:
I have left the few Puddle Lane books we have out and reachable for him for a LONG time now, I try hard not to push books at him because I've got a feeling he has my rebellious streak and it might put him off, but now we've read it and he's gone for another. I love that boy. Especially watching him do this:

And now finally, finally, I am getting Rich back into books. He doesn't have a lot of spare time, but I have convinced him to give this a go...

He's a few chapters in and likes it, but has fallen behind again. So much so that on Friday morning while Ethan was in school, I started it, and overtook him. On Saturday night I finished it. I forgot how that book grabs you!

Although I think saying I convinced might be too soft a word. I think my exact words *might* have been "You have to read this before we go and see it at the cinema."

Where books are concerned, there really is no arguing with me, and he started it that night. I think I might cajole him into reading a bit more tonight. It's all part of my not-so-evil plan to make us a family of book lovers :)

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The Light Railway

On Saturday we were at a loss for what to do, having remarkably few errands to get done and visible sunshine, an amazing combination! We settled on the Light Railway, thinking that we've not been for ages and Ethan would be at least vaguely interested in the trains.

He was so excited, we were taken by surprise! He was charging about like a mad thing.

Ok, that picture doesn't show it, but he was really excited. He was being silly for the pictures and kept frowning and fake smiling!

We were given a leaflet with a picture hunt on it, and when the correct numbers were filled in you could collect a free badge. Ethan was beside himself, and bordering on slightly manic while finding the pictures. When we went to collect his badge he was hopping with glee! He took the badge into school today to show his teachers and (as predicted by myself) left it behind. I haven't mentioned it in case it is *whispers* lost.

Sam was not too impressed with the trains, and whilst we were moving mostly made this face:

Though we did also get a (very) few of these:

He was pretty happy with the toy trains in the cafe at the other end though. I had a scrumptious bowl of leek and potato soup and an AMAZING scone. It was possibly the best I've ever tasted. Even with only butter and jam rather than clotted cream.

The other thing about the Light Railway is that right next to it is a luxury caravan showhome site. It is my guilty pleasure. There are 5 static caravans to look through, fully furnished. I realise this is making me sound mega trashy, so let me elaborate. They are bigger than my house. Each one has 2 double bedrooms, the master bedrooms have en suite and walk in wardrobes. They have separate living, dining and kitchen rooms. They have nicer furniture than we do, with the exception of the beds. One of them even had a kitchen with an island in the middle. Each one is a Tardis. I love them not to live in (regardless of how good they look inside, on the outside, it's still a caravan.) but to try to figure out how exactly they have managed to fit what's inside, inside. I mean come on, one of them had a utility room!

Plus it kept us out of the wind until our train left, so win win!

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Poor Sam, poor Ethan, poor us!

Sam did not get better the next day. Or the next. Or that week. In fact he was very poorly for 6 days and then slowly picked up. The day he stopped vomiting, Ethan started. Though he at least lasted only 2 days, and being older, knows vaguely that he will be sick rather than springing it on you.

We now are well thank goodness, just in time for Shrove Tuesday yesterday :)

Disclaimer: these pancakes were actually made today. They are the good normal thinny pancakes. Yesterday I made fatty pancakes (also known as fluffy or American) and they were not much cop. Bit stodgy. Once again, the simplest method remains the best! So today was the second day in a row we had pancakes for lunch. I love that there's an excuse :D

The children loved them too, and I was kind enough to let them finish off the last of my maple syrup. Surely, sainthood to me? No? Really?

In other news, Ethan has decided he likes drawing! I am pleased, I love to draw or doodle or scribble or whatever, though I rarely do anymore and I miss it. Today he has drawn me several mazes in different colours, the puppy who was brought into his class today (more of a blob with spots, but not the point) and this:

That's all of us at the bottom ("I did mine wrong so I crossed it out and drewed it again") and that at the top is a pretty big deal - it's the first time he has written his name alone by choice. He writes it every morning at school, but always says he doesn't want to, and insists he needs help. Again, very proud of him! He's left all his drawings in a nice tidy pile to show Daddy when he gets in.

My boys are so cool! Granted, they are both asleep at this moment, but they are!

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Today I have been mostly...

Doing this. Poorly Sam has been very sad, and surviving on bread sticks and water.
He has such a pitiful wail, it's so very much "Mummy, I really don't want this anymore, I am tired and I don't like it."

Then he flaked out.
Poor little mite.

The cuddles were nice though. He's not normally much of a snuggler, too much to be doing. Hopefully tonight will be less vomity than last night and more sleeping will occur. Please.
At least tomorrow, being Thursday, we will have Rich working at home.

Please be better though. Poor boy :( x

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