Sunday, 20 December 2009


This is the view out of our front door this morning! SNOW! Really throwing it down too. So much fun!

This is my little boy, Ethan. He LOVES the snow! Today he was supposed to be a sheep in the church Nativity, but the roads haven't been gritted and on attempting to go to church the car skidded about a fair bit and so we decided that no actually, we'd rather not slide down the (very steep) driveway up to the chapel. A shame because it's his first one, we were really looking forward to it!

Once when we were little and it snowed, my wicked cool little sister Jess and I went sledding on "the green" near our house (actually just a grassy area on the hill upto our street).... without sleds. We remedied this by raiding the kitchen and taking Mom's baking and roasting trays. They worked really well too! although they got a bit battered and bent. When we got home we just bent them back as best we could, and put them away. I don't remember if my mom knew before we went, but she definitely knew after!

Sorry Mom. Love you.

In other news, we got new sofas yesterday! they are comfy and squishy and generally great!

And apparently, Ethan Approved.

Update: This blog has now moved to - Hope to see you over there!

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