Saturday, 2 January 2010

Overrun by Boys

This is Rich, Ethan and Matthew, Rich's brother at The Royal Armouries in Leeds on Monday. What this picture doesn't show is that immediately after Matt I had a go and blew his score out of the water, not that I'm proud of that. Much.

This is a very common sight in my world, but it still feels a bit strange.

Being overrun with boys is a fairly new concept for me. I grew up number 5 of 6 girls, and although we all had friends of both sexes, girls almost always outnumbered boys.

I went to an all girls secondary school until I was 15 too, and boyfriends were a completely foreign concept to me until I was 16, and started going out with Richard for the first time.

And Yes, that's the same Richard I am married to, but that's another story.

Anyway, I am overrun with boys/men. My sisters are spread far and wide, across the country and 2 in New Zealand, and Rich has 3 brothers (two still single..ish) and a sister. On Rich's side we have 3 nephews and no nieces, and of course Ethan. Any girlishness in me is pretty dormant!

I have learned to embrace the way of the man. On Sunday nights at 8pm I get the chance to talk to my brothers-in-law (BILs) properly, for real conversation! (well, sort of.) The wierd part? we're not in the same house, let alone room. We play Halo3 on the Xbox 360.

Women rarely understand why I'd even want to, but it's actually really fun, and it's meant I have become friends with my BILs. Without the Xbox, I would hardly know them at all.
Also, it's fun when I beat them and prove that girls are awesome too.

Update: This blog has now moved to - Hope to see you over there!

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