Sunday, 11 March 2012

Weekends are the best!

My lovely parents visited us this weekend as they've just returned from New Zealand. It was awesome! The boys totally adore them, we went to the Light Railway again as my Mum loves steam trains, and then met up with my sister Amy and her kids to go geocaching. It was fun and we found two caches, with only moderate mud traipsing.

The only massive downer was that Rich had to be off schmoozing clients and missed out. He had Friday off in lieu so we managed to get shopping done and stuff but it's not the same. Plus the shopping made us late to pick up Ethan from nursery school. I had to ring the school receptionist to tell her we were on our way and then literally run (I do not run well. at all!) to his class from the car to get him. He was upset of course, but only by the fact that Daddy didn't get out of the car and come pick him up. Charmed!

Today we went to church where I got to actually listen to almost the whole 3 hours without child related interruptions. I also heard that my friend had her baby yesterday which is always lovely :) I'm excited for the impending cooing, I do love a squidge with a teeny one! Later we had a delicious dinner and put off the parents leaving as long as we could :( I hate that part, though we do at least know that we'll be seeing them again soon for Easter. Also sad - Jess didn't come with them. Then comes the depressing looking at houses near to them and realising how ridiculously expensive it is down there, though the gap is slowly lessening.

On a happier note, I looked at my bookmarks and discovered some semi forgotten blogs to look at, which always cheers me up a bit. And there's always pinterest!

Update: This blog has now moved to - Hope to see you over there!

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