Saturday, 21 July 2012

The last wedding

 This is my 'little' sister Jess, and her new husband Jonny, They got married 2 weeks ago. I was lucky enough to be able to spend the week beforehand at my parents with all my sisters, which was lovely (95% of the time - siblings understand ;) ) We worked hard all week preparing the hall, and our dresses, and ourselves! There may have been some shopping too - absolutely essential wedding shopping of course. (Again, about 95%...ish..)
 Bridesmaids' shoes

Reception tables

These took an unbelievably long time for 22 tables! The hall was gorgeous, paper globe lanterns strung from the ceiling with also had a fabric canopy. Simple and gorgeous, though not exactly simple to put up!
This was halfway through, only half the chairs are out (now that was a monotonous job, almost on a par with ironing the tablecloths) and no cutlery, but you can see the lanterns!

All the girls together - Sheri, Me, Becky, Jess, Amy, Sam and Cathy. 

Each of us chose our dress patterns, and Amy and I even made our own (a whole other stress of it's own, if I'd been able to find a dressmaker with the time I'd have used one!) Cathy, Jess's absolutely lovely friend and Maid of Honor, originally had hers made by a friend, but it never showed up, so she took Sheri and Becky on the Thursday into town to buy one, which also then had to be altered, but they were blessed with finding one the exact colour of the other dresses and fabric we already had, and Sheri made it modest.
 Becky, Sheri and Me
The reception was great, the food was gorgeous and thankfully my boys behaved themselves most of the time. The speeches were good, except for when my Dad made us all get up at the front and talked about us in front of 200 people, like it wasn't bad enough having to walk down the aisle! He did give us all a present though ;)

 With Dad. He held in the tears for most of the day :)

It was a great day, filled with a LOT of laughter, including some inappropriately timed giggling. Which the bridesmaids may or may not have been involved in. It was perfect for Jess and Jonny though.

As you can guess, they were at least involved in all the giggling, and sometimes leading it! 

After the reception we travelled to London to see them be sealed in the Temple for time and all eternity. This means they will be together forever, not separated by death. It's a simple but sacred ceremony, and it was special to witness.

Jess was the last of us to get married, being the youngest. She's lovely, kind and caring, funny and loving. Just enough crazy in there too. She brings out the best in us. We're a little smidgen protective of her. We didn't feel it when Jonny came around. He is a really great guy. On his first date with Jess he met the half of the family who were in England at the time. He took it completely in his stride. He is also kind and lovely. His new nieces and nephews all adore him, because he's happy to play and talk with them. Two of them decided (independently) that they were going to marry Jonny. One of them was Ethan, who when we told him that Jessie might not be too pleased about it, said that she 'can marry Grandma and Grandpa'.

I can't imagine either of them with anyone else, and wish them all the happiness in the world x

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