Friday, 23 November 2012

Hearing a heartbeat

I am lucky enough to have a home doppler, and last week I heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time. It's a bit magical, there's a tiny little (4cms) person inside me. And I can hear them. It's incredibly reassuring as I miss out on a 12 week scan because I had one at 8 weeks. It looks kind of like a potato, but here he/she is...

That's my baby :) The bit that looks like a leg, is in fact cord. The white curve over the tummy is an arm, that wiggled when we saw it! We have finally told Ethan, so fairly soon we'll be going fully public.

I had another listen this morning, and it was lovely. Afterwards, I noticed I'd pressed it so hard to my skin it left a circle :S whoops!

Morning sickness, or should I say nausea is still a bit of a killer. Actually the nausea is starting to fade thank goodness, but the heightened gag reflex has not. The other day the wind blew some hair into my mouth and I started heaving. I kid you not. 12 weeks today though, so roll on the second trimester. Trimester always feels to me like a very american word. Is there an English alternative?

Update: This blog has now moved to - Hope to see you over there!

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