Thursday, 7 February 2013

Maternity and baby clothes shopping, or how I got The Rage today.

So, today I wanted to buy a short sleeved white top, and a pair of maternity leggings to wear under a couple of dresses.

I went into town and stopped at 5 shops, 4 of which I know to have maternity ranges and one which I assumed to have. It was not a success.

To start with, I got to the car park and got Sam out of the car, only to realise the pushchair was at home. Sam is a known runner, however he was brilliantly behaved today thank goodness, otherwise I wouldn't have made it very far! I started in Asda. They had maternity clothes out, hooray! However they only had one side of one aisle, about 8 feet of clothes. There was a white top, huzzah! it was even a 2 pack, with a black top. Only it was such a mess, that none of the tops were attached to each other. And they didn't have my size. Wonderful.

On to shop number 2 - Sainsbury's. I assume they have a maternity line but there was nothing there either. (Sainsbury's website says no matches for maternity, so not their fault I guess!)

Shop number 3 - Next. Again, not a maternity item in sight.

Shop number 4 - H&M. Definitely a maternity line. Not a single item in store.

Shop number 5 - Mothercare. Loads of clothes - well you know, for maternity clothes. They even had some leggings! The catch, only about 5 pairs, and you guessed it, none were my size. They didn't have any plain white tops, but the tops they did have were £20 each. 20 Bucks! for a top I'll only be able to wear for 4 or 5 months. No thank you. So, an hour and a half of shopping, and we came up snake eyes.

Now onto baby clothes. All I want is to get some nice brightly coloured babygrows. There are none. I don't hate baby blue, but there's only so much pastel I can take! And why do boys clothes all have trucks/planes/monsters on? Though I will concede that much of the monster stuff is cute. I was getting more and more rageful until I went to mothercare and saw this:

And I practically melted. So cute. They also had a superman one! Then I got cross again as it only has poppers in the bottom, not up the front or back, and those suits make me so cross! why make it difficult? I am aware I need to chill out, it's the combination of frustration and hormones. Although I'll probably soon have a baby spiderman suit to placate me. I'll take it out and stroke it when I get cross :)

Update: This blog has now moved to - Hope to see you over there!

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