Friday, 17 May 2013

37 weeks, more nesting, and potty training.

 These are last weeks pictures, so technically 36 weeks, but let's not split hairs. Any pictures taken this week would have been in my mismatched pyjamas, so you're welcome ;) Also no matter how many times I say there's no need to have my head in the picture, there's atleast one chin too many there!
 I added this one too because it makes my legs look longer and a lot less tree-trunky! 

Last week we happened upon a free face painting stall in town, and Ethan chose the superman design. I was a little unimpressed by the woman doing it, she seemed a bit grumpy, but she had already been there for 2 and a half hours, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt, seeing as it was free and all.
 This week the facepainter was in town again and Ethan chose spiderman. She seemed a bit less grumpy this time, which was nice ;) It was extremely helpful too that many of her designs left the mouth clear, as we went off to get lunch after, and it stopped him getting upset at his smudged face.

More nesting has occurred. If this continues post baby (highly doubtful) I'll have to drop the 'Un' from my blog title! This time it was completely illogical too. I've been ironing muslins and burp cloths. Things that are actually DESIGNED to be thrown up on. I spent far too long standing at the ironing board and it made my back hurt, but they looked so nice and neat!
It won't last, they'll end up shoved in the nappy bag (I've got the free Pampers one as a temporary measure as I can't find one that I like and is not ridiculously priced) wrinkled and not even folded, to be grabbed out for feeding and absorbing of baby sick. ah, the fun bits to look forward to!

I also have some plans to shift a few bits in the bedroom today, including a couple of small dumbbells. Those will be rolled as I have previous experience with them a while ago. Rich left them in the storage box in the living room without my knowledge, and I went to move it so the boys had more room to play. It did not move. My shoulder hurt for a LONG time!

Sam is potty training. It was foolish to start now, but he got a bit of a chance to try on holiday and did really well, so we thought we'd continue. The difficulty is that we don't really have time to stay in the house for a week and really crack it, as Ethan has to still go to school and stuff! He's doing ok, and is almost 100%, if he's bare from the waist down. Add pants, and it drops to maybe 75%. Add trousers and it drops drastically. One day.

Almost no one wants to see pictures of potty training in progress (those of you who actively do, this is not the place for you, sorry. Only I'm not sorry.) so I'll show you this one of him:
There's the (clean I assure you) potty, so it's relevant. The fact that he looks like Gollum with his donut is not.

3 Weeks to go til D-Day. Baby boy is now considered full term, and I am getting nervous. I spent 2 hours awake last night between 2:30 and 4:30 after a particularly horrible dream where Sam fell out of the boys' bedroom window (he was caught by a friend luckily, and it was you know, a dream). I then worried about all sorts. The biggest worry is that I won't get to the hospital in time. They get more irrational after that, ending in me being stuck at home in labour while Rich is stuck in traffic trying to get home from work with only Ethan and Sam for company. Ridiculous as I've got a vast network of people to take them at the very least, so worst case scenario I'll be birthing at home alone, but with no little observers at least ;)

In seriousness though I did have a little worry about Rich missing it. Probably because the last thing I read before bed was a comment on facebook by my lovely friend Catherine, who said that her third was 1 hour 45 minutes from first pain to first cuddle. The boys were fairly quick, Ethan was less that 10 hours from first inkling to birth, which I'm told is quick for a first baby. Sam was about 4 and a half hours. If I'm going with that kind of pattern, this one will be a couple of hours. I'm going to put my scientist head on though and say that there isn't enough data to show any kind of pattern or correlation, so it'll be fine. I'm also going to put my fingers in my ears and say "lalalala" just for good measure.

 One final distraction then:
I've not done a video before so I hope it works :)

Update: This blog has now moved to - Hope to see you over there!

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