Friday, 30 August 2013

Summer fun

So I decided this summer we'd do some creative activities. We actually only ended up doing 2, but they lasted a couple of days each and we had a family holiday to fit in as well. First, Ethan and I made a Harry Potter wand for him (same as here), as he's been asking for one for a while now. Due to the amount of glitter glue he decided to use, it took over the night to dry so it rolled into two days.
We didn't get a picture (and I've no idea where it's gone now!) but the thing was so sparkly it looked like it might actually be glowing. He loved it, of course!

Next we have Babies Breaking Bad!

Kidding! We did tie dye. They thought that rubber gloves were the best things in the world, thank you 49p for 2 pairs at Sainsbury's, and managed to stay clean. We did tub dyeing rather than in the machine so they could actually do stuff, and we did it outside. 
 Rinsing with the hose was a hit, though they love the hose in any form.

 If you can't tell, these are their excited faces.
We also did red ones, though they came out sort of pink. I'd definitely recommend it, they thought it was fun because it was a bit messy, and it was also easy peasy, mix dye with water and salt, and chuck in the rubber-banded clothes, leave for an hour, stirring occasionally. Rinsing was a bit of a pain, but no big deal really. It was also pretty cheap, basic t-shirts £3 for 3, and some cheap white baby sleepsuits. The dye was only a few pounds a packet, and we only used half of the blue.

Not bad for a messy day of productive fun!

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