Friday, 4 November 2011


The boys have had a brilliant Halloween - Ethan was a bat and Sam a tiger, who could be skinned to reveal a skeleton - it was a bit cold!

Ethan won first place in the Fancy dress competition at the Wakefield fun day, Hayley (his cousin) came second :)
The tiger costume was pretty hilarious, it was really too big for him, but when he walked around in it he looked like an ewok, it was too cute not to put him in it!
Too fast for a good photo!

We had a ward trunk and treat that was brilliant and I sadly took no photos. The games were all brilliant, including one car boot that had been lined and partially filled with compost, in which skeleton bones were buried, to be found an joined together in order to get the sweeties.

Ethan was desperate to go 'Trickle Treating' to a few friends on the street and we did our pumpkin, again, bats. Sensing a theme? The street really got into it, lots of pumpkins, and decorations, and Ethan liked going to his friends, but his favourite thing was giving treats to the Trickle Treaters that came to us, and I was so pleased to see him happy to give things away to the other children, and I was really pleased to see that we only had a few older 'kids' come, one set were bringing younger siblings, and all of them were happy to get sweets rather than money.

All in all, a good time! Ethan has since asked several times if it's Halloween again, and we're trying to get him looking forward to bonfire night tomorrow instead!

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