Monday, 19 December 2011

Pre-Christmas Fun!

Bit late with this post, as Christmas is almost upon us!

Christmas Tree!

I had to relinquish control over the tree totally this year. It was a difficult day, but actually a lot of fun decorating with Ethan this year. I am now doing constant battle with Sam for him to please NOT pull off all the decorations within his reach (the precious ones are at the top, for example the glass angels!)

Gingerbread house! With candles inside, that remain lit for very short periods of time, seeing as the roof has chocolate on!
Matchmaker log doors, Windowsills, and log pile. and Jelly tot lights! It smells amazing in my kitchen right now.
I built it, but didn't bake it. I want to try that next year :) Ethan and I decorated it together. What this picture doesn't show, is that when the house was facing the other way, Sam climbed up the stool Ethan had been using and pulled off some of the roof. Clearly his mothers son ;)

Sam and Annabel (his little friend) at their toddler group Christmas party. Food, Bouncy castle, presents. What more could they want?

Ethan in Sunday's Nativity, as a cow. He was supposed to be a sheep, but was very upset as he was a sheep last year, so we asked if he could be a cow instead, and he was delighted. So it's not traditional, but there were probably cows in the stable, right?

So Christmas is fast approaching, much to do! Have a great one!

Update: This blog has now moved to - Hope to see you over there!

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