Saturday, 31 December 2011

It's a small world after all, or, how the internet causes me to embarrass myself.

This actually happened months ago now, and I keep meaning to blog it but recently had it brought back to the front of my mind.

So picture the scene, I am in Nando's with Rich and the boys, one of whom is still very small and therefore making a bit of a racket in the very full restaurant. Not embarrassing enough apparently.
I turned to see a couple of people leaving, walking past our table as they went.

"Oh," says my brain, "That's Sarah. Check her badge just in case." I did (she was wearing a work badge, not just for funsies) and it said, funnily enough, Sarah.
"You should smile at her so she knows you've seen her." said brain. So I did. "You should wave too, I don't think she saw you," said brain, "it's important for us to be nice to people. Go on, wave."
So I did, just a little wave, the kind you do to someone you know, but not well, across a small space.

Sarah gave me a very odd look with a polite smile, and hurried on to exit the restaurant.

Under normal circumstances, that response would probably have upset me. As I say, under NORMAL circumstances.

It was then that my brain chipped in again....

"Ah... We don't actually know Sarah do we?"

No, brain. We do not. Thanks for that.

Sarah is in fact, the Sister-in-law of an old friend, Tim. More recently, I have been reading the blog of Sarah's sister, Rachel, Tim's wife. Therefore, I have only ever seen pictures of Sarah online. As a side note, is this not slightly bizarre? Sarah lives not far from me, but I don't know her except via her relatives, who live 200 miles away near my parents. And yet I've seen her dancing to Feliz Navidad.

Facebook and Blogs have made my world a smaller place. To Sarah, (and no doubt the future similar victims of my friendly wave) I'm sorry.

Just know that the random woman waving at you wasn't crazy, or drunk, just internet-addled. *waves* :D

Update: This blog has now moved to - Hope to see you over there!

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