Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Christmas (A little late!)

We had a brilliant time at Christmas, with Christmas morning at home, Christmas day at Rich's parents and Boxing day at home with my parents and Jess and Jonny.

This tree is slightly different to the original tree this year - Sam decided that the lowest string of lights were ripe for the picking, and pulled them off, breaking them. On the 22nd of December. We dashed out to the shops for what I though was an easy find, Christmas lights at Christmas. Ha! Everywhere was selling off anything that was left, and what was left was rubbish. We went to B&Q, Sainsbury's, Tesco, and 2 branches of Asda, and in the 2nd Asda found some white 'berry' lights, which weren't what I was looking for, but I wanted white ones, so they'd do. I got home, stripped the tree and started over (lights HAVE to go on first don't you know!) and they looked really good. In fact I bought another box the next day as this year's tree was a bit little and so I might need more next year. So three boxes in all. Oh, and when I took the old lights off, they magically fixed themselves. I had tried to push in the bulbs again, but apparently bashing them on the floor was the way. Still, I like the new ones better!

Christmas eve we went to Pizza hut with Rich's side of the family, where Sam ruled as pizza king..
And loved it :) We were lucky, as every time we go to a restaurant, Sam is very restless, but this time my parents had taken him out in the morning and he'd had a lovely sleep, so was happy as Larry!
Christmas eve pyjamas from the elves! And gruffalo slippers this year for Ethan, he was so chuffed, and the Elves found them in Sainsbury's for a bargainous price!

Sam was less impressed, as he was totally shattered. But check out that after bath blow dried hair, it's so much fun to do it!

Christmas day! This is Sam absolutely adoring the stuffed horse Ethan picked out for him, so lovely!

The mini quad bike from Aunty Amy and co, which he also loves :)

Ethan and his loot, the grabber was his favourite, but he loved it all.

Sam now takes Horsey to bed, and I snapped this smoochy pic before we went to bed. Sleeping babies - there's nothing like it!

Update: This blog has now moved to www.undomesticaited.wordpress.com - Hope to see you over there!

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