Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Poor Sam, poor Ethan, poor us!

Sam did not get better the next day. Or the next. Or that week. In fact he was very poorly for 6 days and then slowly picked up. The day he stopped vomiting, Ethan started. Though he at least lasted only 2 days, and being older, knows vaguely that he will be sick rather than springing it on you.

We now are well thank goodness, just in time for Shrove Tuesday yesterday :)

Disclaimer: these pancakes were actually made today. They are the good normal thinny pancakes. Yesterday I made fatty pancakes (also known as fluffy or American) and they were not much cop. Bit stodgy. Once again, the simplest method remains the best! So today was the second day in a row we had pancakes for lunch. I love that there's an excuse :D

The children loved them too, and I was kind enough to let them finish off the last of my maple syrup. Surely, sainthood to me? No? Really?

In other news, Ethan has decided he likes drawing! I am pleased, I love to draw or doodle or scribble or whatever, though I rarely do anymore and I miss it. Today he has drawn me several mazes in different colours, the puppy who was brought into his class today (more of a blob with spots, but not the point) and this:

That's all of us at the bottom ("I did mine wrong so I crossed it out and drewed it again") and that at the top is a pretty big deal - it's the first time he has written his name alone by choice. He writes it every morning at school, but always says he doesn't want to, and insists he needs help. Again, very proud of him! He's left all his drawings in a nice tidy pile to show Daddy when he gets in.

My boys are so cool! Granted, they are both asleep at this moment, but they are!

Update: This blog has now moved to www.undomesticaited.wordpress.com - Hope to see you over there!

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