Monday, 27 February 2012

The Light Railway

On Saturday we were at a loss for what to do, having remarkably few errands to get done and visible sunshine, an amazing combination! We settled on the Light Railway, thinking that we've not been for ages and Ethan would be at least vaguely interested in the trains.

He was so excited, we were taken by surprise! He was charging about like a mad thing.

Ok, that picture doesn't show it, but he was really excited. He was being silly for the pictures and kept frowning and fake smiling!

We were given a leaflet with a picture hunt on it, and when the correct numbers were filled in you could collect a free badge. Ethan was beside himself, and bordering on slightly manic while finding the pictures. When we went to collect his badge he was hopping with glee! He took the badge into school today to show his teachers and (as predicted by myself) left it behind. I haven't mentioned it in case it is *whispers* lost.

Sam was not too impressed with the trains, and whilst we were moving mostly made this face:

Though we did also get a (very) few of these:

He was pretty happy with the toy trains in the cafe at the other end though. I had a scrumptious bowl of leek and potato soup and an AMAZING scone. It was possibly the best I've ever tasted. Even with only butter and jam rather than clotted cream.

The other thing about the Light Railway is that right next to it is a luxury caravan showhome site. It is my guilty pleasure. There are 5 static caravans to look through, fully furnished. I realise this is making me sound mega trashy, so let me elaborate. They are bigger than my house. Each one has 2 double bedrooms, the master bedrooms have en suite and walk in wardrobes. They have separate living, dining and kitchen rooms. They have nicer furniture than we do, with the exception of the beds. One of them even had a kitchen with an island in the middle. Each one is a Tardis. I love them not to live in (regardless of how good they look inside, on the outside, it's still a caravan.) but to try to figure out how exactly they have managed to fit what's inside, inside. I mean come on, one of them had a utility room!

Plus it kept us out of the wind until our train left, so win win!

Update: This blog has now moved to - Hope to see you over there!

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