Saturday, 6 October 2012

Unexpectedly expecting :D

So yeah, this happened...
It's a bit of a shock really! Not a total shock, as we were attempting it, but the medical appointments I've been having recently are related. Both Ethan and Sam had a little help getting here with some medication. I won't go into details, but my body wasn't behaving as normal, all easily fixed and done.

This time, we were waiting for me to start the medication again, and waiting and waiting as it has to be taken at a specific time o' the month. I'd made a second appointment to see the consultant (memo to me, cancel that on Monday) to see whether we needed to do any more tests or anything. I've been taking a random test every couple of weeks, and today, This showed up!

Shocked is not really the word! after the first test I screeched to Rich to come into the bathroom and check it for me, and he said yes, there were definitely two little blue lines, but that we should do another one and not get too excited until after that. He's a sensible man. He also suggesting getting the more expensive one that tells you how far along you are, which is what you see up there. I got showered and dressed with a goofy grin and jittery shakes while madly texting my lovely friend Harriet who is very recently post-natal herself and was possibly still in bed (sorry Hat!). I felt completely spaced out, and we went to run errands. ERRANDS I tell you. Eventually we got to Sainsbury's and bought the test, then went to lunch. Rich convinced me not to do it til we got home in case it was negative and I had to sit through lunch upset - again, sensible man - so once more we waited.

Eventually we made it home and I congratulated myself for not rushing us home, and promptly ran to the bathroom ;) And the rest, as they say, is history. I've no idea how far along I am, the test says 3+ weeks, but it counts differently to normal pregnancy counting, apparently it means at least 5 weeks pregnant. Who knows though, so on Monday I've got to get an appointment with the midwife and see what she says.

I'm SO excited! I love being pregnant, I am blessed in that I don't suffer with morning sickness very badly at all (fingers crossed!) and really enjoy the whole experience. I mean, I probably whinge as much as anyone else about being uncomfortable at the end, and other complaints that my mind has conveniently forgotten right now, but on the whole, I love it :)

P.S. I've found that Blogger will let me post this in the past, woohoo! So, hopefully, it'll appear in sequence, on the 6th of October, even though I won't be publishing it until I've been scanned and reassured. Sneaky!

Update: This blog has now moved to - Hope to see you over there!

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