Thursday, 7 March 2013

World Book Day

Today was World Book Day, and Ethan got to dress up as a character. He decided on Harry Potter (with a teeny nudge from me away from Batman and Thor) and we got him the costume. Sewing was not on the agenda this year, as I am still not firing on all cylinders. He looked so cute, and was so excited to do magic. "I made that car stop!" and "I waved my wand and the door opened!" and "Expelli-larmus!" Were the cries of the day. He got his scar drawn on, and decided it wasn't right, and we re-did it, and off he went to school.

It couldn't have come in a better week. Since starting school in September I have tried to get Ethan excited about reading. It wasn't going well, though in his defence, some of those early books are ridiculously dull. I was (prematurely) beginning to worry that he was going to be someone who didn't enjoy reading. While that may be fine and normal for many people, it is the one thing about Rich that I really cannot fathom.

How can you not enjoy reading? I could literally read my life away, given sufficient books. Luckily for my family I have not been provided with said books, though the ones I do have make a dent ;)

Anyway, back to this week. On Monday we still had last weeks books, one about a princess and a dragon and one about packing for a holiday (like I said, riveting stuff.) and we got them out. And oh. He read about the princess. And sounded out words by himself. And WANTED to do it! We were happy! On Tuesdays he gets new books. It happened again! Something must have just clicked and he read. No, they are not taxing books, but he read them. He figured them out by himself, and then read them to Rich when he got home from work. Then he did something that surprised me, and began really using intonation and making the question should like a question, and the pop! sound right.

And that was when I thought, this boy can get it. He can know how much fun it is to read. To disappear into the other world that is in a book. And I'm so excited for him, I might have got a tiny bit emotional. But that's allowed, because I'm pregnant ;)

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  1. Hooray from the grandma who can also read her life away given half a chance - oh wait I retired and I have half a chance - better not though!