Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Mother's Day

I had a lovely one this year :)
  Some of my most favourite chocolates, that I keep forgetting exist because they don't sell them in many places, which Rich remembered I like, without prompting ;)
 Two lovely cards from Ethan (left, made at school) and Sam (right, made in nursery at church, with what I suspect to be a fairly large amount of help!)
 A certificate from Ethan that he did at school, and did all the writing himself. Ok, so the date doesn't make a huge amount of sense, but I don't care! He has only recently discovered a desire to read and write and learn, and I love it.
Some lovely flowers chosen by the boys including this pink gerbera, also one of my favourite things.

The two loveliest parts of the day though were at church. First Ethan got up with the primary children to sing. He was first up, and it didn't look like it was going to go well at first when another little boy gave him a shove and a kick and he started to cry. So I started to mouth the words at him with a (slightly maniacal) grin to get him smiling. After a while he recovered and made me cry by belting out the words to 'every star is different'. Then later he and Sam went up together to bring me a flower and held hands very cutely, which is especially lovely when they do it in public ;)

After church I made camp on the couch and was made a delicious dinner and generally spoiled until bedtime!

I am incredibly grateful to the mothers in my life, starting of course with my own. She's a strong woman with incredible faith and a wonderful sense of fun, and I love her dearly.

I'm also grateful for Richard's mum, who brought him up to be a wonderful man, who is the kindest man I have ever known. He is respectful, hard working, and just generally brilliant.

And then there's me. I feel the responsibility heavily with these (soon to be 3) boys. I have to bring them up with love and respect, faith and happiness. They deserve the best, as do their future families. They deserve to turn out like their father. We're trying :)

Update: This blog has now moved to - Hope to see you over there!

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