Sunday, 2 June 2013

Ethan is Five!

 To be fair, his birthday was a while ago now, oops. Unfortunately I have been absolutely wrecked since and so have not been in the blogging mood. He had a lovely day, and as it fell on a Thursday Daddy was also working from home. Extra bonus - school finished for half term the day before, so we had a lovely calm day. We started the morning with presents, and he got a main present from us, two small presents and a small one from Sam. He was chuffed to bits as he got the Ben 10 game for the Xbox, some spiderman megablocks figures and 2 more characters for his batcave - the Joker and Harley Quinn.
 He's also insane ;) I didn't realise before how much his face matches his shirt! In the afternoon we went to see his cousins and play, then home again to go out for dinner. Ethan picked Silkwood Farm which is his favourite, due to the fact that they have a large play area which includes a couple of computer games. We all like it though as the food is good and the boys can escape to play once they've had enough sitting still.

 Last Saturday it was party time, and so being 38 weeks and roughly the size of a barge (name that Disney movie) we decided to go with a soft play centre party, and a rather simple cake design! It was held at The Playstation in Ossett, and they were fab. great food, good party bags and lots of fun. Ethan was very lucky to have several friends come and spoil him with presents.
I love his face here, the little mad man. He's growing up so fast and turning into a really lovely little boy (when he wants to be of course!) and very kind. He's much better at sharing and dictated a lovely letter to Daddy for me yesterday.

He's very excited for the baby to come and is convinced he's coming this week. Not that I'd object to that! 

We've had a lovely fairly relaxed half term, Ethan has been having great fun with his new toys, and we had a couple of nice days with a really lovely sunny day on Friday, where we went to the park (though not for long as there's no shade there and the boys got a bit overheated) and popped into the shop on the way home for ice lollies. It speaks volumes about these two that this was the most 'normal' looking photo of them, and I took four! They spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the garden and making puddles when I got the hose out for them. 
Yesterday was another lovely day, where Ethan insisted that they wait for me to get up before going shopping (something usually reserved for just boys while I slowly regain consciousness) as he didn't want me to miss the animals at the farm shop. Sam was in his element, and almost exploded with joy when a horse snuffled his head. We also saw a peacock with his tail out, and fed the horses carrots, at which point I think Sam could have died happy!

As for me, I am 39 weeks and 2 days. Due on Friday. I am tired of being enormous now, though I must say I'm not exactly looking forward to evicting him! Still though, it's almost done, and I absolutely cannot wait to snuggle him :)

Update: This blog has now moved to - Hope to see you over there!

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