Thursday, 6 September 2012

First Day at School, and a not quite so sucessful second morning.

Yesterday was Ethan's first day at school, and he was very excited! He's got a new classroom (his nursery class was at the same school) and teacher, and some of his friends are there. I asked him what he wants be be when he's a grown up. His answer this year? Batman. I suppose it's attainable, batman is after all a regular guy under all the gadgets, no superpowers!

 He's not particularly impressed that he has to sit and his table and do a pencil skills worksheet before he can play though. He gets to have lunch at school though, which he's very excited about.
He also gets to do PE. Yesterday we took his PE bag in to school and he was quite upset that he doesn't get to bring it home everyday. He came home absolutely exhausted and fell asleep in the car on the way to do the shopping, which will hopefully not be a regular occurrence! He also got a treat in the afternoon for going to school so well, a Batman jumper he's been after for a while, nicely tied in with his goals!

Today has been a different story. He was not excited, he was grumpy. My guess is he was still tired as he woke up in the night too and they are both early risers. His lunch was not right, even though he chose crackers cheese and mini sausages instead of a sandwich last night. He didn't want his coat, but then cried because his ears were cold. He wanted to be carried to school. He most definitely did NOT want to sit and do his worksheet (tracing circles today) because that would take him up til register time and he wanted to play. Because it's Thursday, Rich was working from home and so came on the school run with us, so then he was upset because Daddy had to go (not Mummy you'll notice. what am I chopped liver?!) When we left he was sitting on one of the teachers lap crying. It'll be a long day all round I fear.

Also we decided to take Sam in his reins rather than the pushchair. This was a Mistake - note the capitalisation! He normally stays in the pushchair just outside the door, but of course came in and then wanted to play. When we left, he started to scream. He screamed all the way home (sounds worse than it is, it's a 3 minute walk) and then threw himself on the floor and screamed for 30 minutes. It took cuddles from Daddy (again, he wouldn't have me - chopped liver) and his dummy to calm him down, but only when he decided.
I think today might be a 2 nap day. possibly 3 if you count Ethan, as I doubt he'll make it to bedtime. Le sigh. Oh well, perhaps they'll surprise me and it'll be fine. Perhaps I'll be blessed with massive reserves of patience today (please please!). Maybe it'll be fine. Maybe I should go and make dinner now (9:45) so that it's one less thing to worry about later. Yes, I think that's the one that will come true.

In other news, yesterday I noticed in Asda that The Hunger Games is out on DVD. In a special edition double disc with mockingjay necklace. I already have a mockingjay pin on my bag, so I don't need it do I. Le sigh nouveau.

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