Friday, 7 September 2012

Why I love Rich

Probably about time for some husband mush right?

Just over seven years ago. Ah, so young. I was skinny, he had a fuller head of hair ;) This man is far and away my better half, and for reasons best known to himself, he likes me a fair bit too! Here are a few reasons why he is the bomb...

He does the washing up. I don't mind (much) doing the housework, it's not something I particularly enjoy, but for now, it's mostly my responsibility. However, I HATE washing up. I don't know why, as when I do do it, it's not exactly a long job, and I can listen to the radio and stuff, but looking at a sink of dishes makes me sad. So he does them.

He works insanely hard. I don't pretend to understand his job, but I know it's very target driven and that can be quite stressful. He often comes home mentally exhausted, but still has time to play with the boys. Or do the washing up.

The kids. Oh, how he loves these 2 rascally boys of ours. He is their favourite person in the world. When Ethan was very small, Rich started to get up on a Saturday morning with him so I could rest. This then extended to taking him to do the weekly shop while I slept. so not only did I get to rest, but the shopping was done too! When Sam was born, and big enough to be away from my chest for more than 20 minutes, he took them both. Trooper.
I love this picture. It's in Porthmadog, one of our favourite places. We had our honeymoon there and it's a great holiday spot. They sat here after fish and chips watching the fish in the estuary.

He appreciates my geekery. He loved Harry Potter Night. And after yesterday's le sigh about The Hunger Games dvd, he told me to buy it. I don't think he'd read it yet, but I had mentioned it to him a couple of days ago. He also told me we had enough in the pot for me to buy some new clothes,  and though the shopping was a slight disaster, the thought was there.

He also actively encourages the making of mars bar cake. This is a delicious but not always good thing. That really needs to stop now.

It's my birthday on Monday, and he spent a week or so (I had no idea) researching new phone contracts for me so I can get a new iPhone, as mine is starting to play up. also I've dropped it several times and it has a small crack in the screen, but we don't need to talk about that. It was a surprise, but when he was ill I answered the phone to a man from 3 who told me all about it, and even though he was sick, he was genuinely upset that the surprise had been ruined, bless him.

He puts up with my mood swings. I have a medical appointment on Monday (happy birthday to me!) which I'm uneasy about (nothing serious, all routine, but a new medical team so I don't know how they'll be about things) and so my moods have been even more swingy that usual, and he is brilliant about it. He's also booked the day off work so he can come with me.

He is silly. we have ridiculous inside jokes and watch stupid films. anyone else would probably roll their eyes at us. I don't care, we're hilarious ;)

There are many many reasons why he is awesome, but I'll stop there for now as he does check in and we don't want to give him a big head. Perhaps in another post I'll tell you about how we got started and the washing machine that got us back together. Love you Rich! x

Update: This blog has now moved to - Hope to see you over there!

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