Monday, 10 September 2012

My Birthday!

 My birthday is here! I was spoilt rotten, surely the point of birthdays? Yesterday we went to the Browns for family lunch, and it was a triple birthday, for Stella (sister in law), Seth (nephew) and I (village idiot). I provided the cake, and for the first time I made a lemon cake! I've always gone chocolate before because, well, pretty self-explanatory really, but I learnt on Saturday that Seth doesn't like it - and he couldn't have a cake he doesn't like for his birthday lunch! I adjusted an orange cake recipe that I found in my Be-Ro book, and nervously baked. It turned out pretty delicious! Seth declared it nice, and it didn't last, so that's a win! I also had a request for another one from Zachary (another nephew) and Joanne (sister in law) said she's pay for it in a shop, high compliments! The thing that amazed me was how flat it baked, it'd be great for layer cakes!

Whilst there I was given lots of lovely gifts, including a dessert recipe book, bath stuff, candle, chocolates, and a wee owl pillow. I was also very kindly given money towards...

 Ta-da! I've been without a proper camera for yonks, and now I have this pretty purple swirly one! You can hope that most of the blog photos will now be better quality!

Then there was Rich's not-so-surprise gift -
It's so shiny! The case and screen cover he ordered for it haven't arrived yet, and I'm so terrified to scratch it that it's currently spending it's spare time in one of Sam's (clean) socks.

This afternoon we did a spot of shopping and Rich spotted this for me, a lovely new winter coat, and bought it for me! We also picked up a new long jumper/ jumper dress, but I've not got a picture.

This evening we all went for dinner at Silkwood Farm, which is in fact not a farm, but a restaurant. I had the amazing carvery, Rich had fish and chips, and the boys had chicken nuggets and chips, lemonade and a lot of fun in the play area. The best thing about Silkwood Farm is that they do Cake away. If you don't have room for their massive desserts, they'll box it up for you to take home for later. And so I did. Chocolate cheesecake. It was delicious, and there's still half left!

I have had lots of lovely cards and messages, and a package from Jess which included a book and chocolate, She knows me so well :) Thank you to all my lovely friends and family who've given me a lovely birthday!

P.S. If you're wondering about the medical appointment, it went very well, I am fine, all things done that needed sorting!

Update: This blog has now moved to - Hope to see you over there!

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