Tuesday, 2 April 2013

These Boys

These boys. They are so much fun, so much of the time. There are also the days where they end up in the bath at 3pm because I just can't take the fighting anymore, and they LOVE the bath. Also, as  an aside, why is it that they can be playing brilliantly together, but the second I step in the shower and apply shampoo, the blood curdling screams start?
 This picture was from one of those days. See how they're totally fine, and not ripping each other to pieces? The magic of the bath, my friend.

So far today is shaping up to not be one of those days, thankfully. Aside from when I was in the shower, that's pretty much a daily occurance.  They've played with batman, they've tipped the lego all over the floor. They had jigsaw books out. They asked to watch Cinderella, and gave up on it. They asked to watch Tarzan, which got a little more attention. What can I say, princesses don't really cut it for them. Of course, this is how they chose to watch it:
 Hey, I never said they were normal. They love each other fiercely though. If one of them gets hurt (and it's not been caused by the other) then the other one will run over to see that they're ok. The fighting is accompanied by many hugs and kisses in this house. And oh, the hugs these boys give. full of love, yet also like they're trying to squeeze the life out of you. And they're my boys. As frustrating as they can be at times, there is far more than enough good to outweigh that.

I found this while uploading photos, and couldn't not add it, because it's cute and makes me laugh.

He did fall properly asleep in the end, with my hand holding his head up. 

I'm trying to let the frustration go as much as I can, because they're growing so fast. Ethan is almost 5, and getting to be a big boy. And Sam is 2 and a half, and no longer my baby. I want them to remember a mum who was fun, not one who was shouting all the time. One who had time to play and let them make a mess and who didn't always respond with "in a minute." Speaking of which, we're going outside to play. I love these boys.

Update: This blog has now moved to www.undomesticaited.wordpress.com - Hope to see you over there!

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