Friday, 12 April 2013

Nesting, it's not a myth after all!

So left to my own devices, I'm a bit of a slob. I'm also a bit spoilt (or depending on how you look at it, lucky) in that Rich is amazingly good at tidying. He also washes up. And occasionally folds laundry. Ok I'm quite spoilt.

But the last few weeks of this pregnancy, I've felt a need to *gasp* tidy.

I've washed all the newborn size clothes and sorted them into new(ish) drawers. Today I was childless (they went to Grandma's) and rather than slobbing out I pulled out the TV and it's stand to clean behind it. Ok, so I was prompted by the fact that Sam climbed up the stand and poured around half a litre of juice down the back of it, but still. Side note - everything is fine, though I don't know how he didn't electrocute himself or blow up the TV. Some definitely went inside, as after checking the TV still worked for a while, the vents at the top smelt distinctly blackcurrant-y :S

I also pulled out the side 'table' next to the couch. Not technically a table, it's one of these from Ikea-
And it was disgusting. The holes  mean that various kinds of detritus find their way inside. And by 'find their way' I mean are put there by small boys. I have known for a while that the box itself needs to go (it's too big for the space really) and that would involve emptying it. Occasionally I lose a pen to it and have to decide whether to go in after it. Today I did. I rescued a few lego bits, some playmobil stuff, a few pens, about £4.50 and then I had to give up. Some crayons and coloured pens were casualties of war. I sacrificed them for the greater good. The greater good in this case being no longer having to shove my hand into the layer of raisins and bits of foil and paper and cheese bites.

And yet, it was oddly satisfying to make my front room really clean in places no one will see. I know right?!

And tomorrow, I get to go to Ikea for a new side table. And a taller TV cabinet. And a new bedside table. These should altogether cost us around £35. I love Ikea! And I get to build it too, which I love. Yes, I'm a little weird. Bring on tomorrow!

Update: This blog has now moved to - Hope to see you over there!

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